Rangelands Policy Dialogue

North Head Station, Forsayth (Resource Managment Group)

An exciting event of a different kind is scheduled for 1, 2 July 2019 in Brisbane. A consultative workshop will be hosted by the Society in collaboration with AgForce (representing broadacre rural industry) and NRM Regions Queensland (representing the 12 regional NRM bodies) in the Auditorium, 111 George Street.

This workshop will bring together people with knowledge of rural Queensland to craft a strategy to lead the pastoral industry to a future that is sustainably profitable and environmentally sustainable. The scope will cover drought policy, stewardship incentives, climate change and many other themes. Registrations –  from pastoralists, scientists, public servants and representatives of business and community groups– have now reached the venue’s capacity.

The webpage for the event includes a number of “Rangelands Briefs”, being two-page memos from registrants on topics relevant to the Dialogue. These briefs alone will build into a valuable snapshot of contemporary knowledge of the rangelands and are available for public scrutiny and feedback.