Calls for papers and student abstracts

The Society invites authors, including students, to submit manuscripts or dissertation abstracts for any of three forthcoming issues of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland:

General science – standard annual issue, manuscript deadline 1 July 2019; deadline for abstracts of student dissertations, 1 September 2019. See the Call for Papers for the contact details of the Honorary Editor.

Preventative health – Special Issue, focused on the preconditions of well-being and the preconditions of chronic disease and ill-health. This is an opportunity for practitioners to publish observations on what works and doesn’t work in public health and clinical practice.

Springs of the Great Artesian Basin – Special Issue, crossing all scholarly disciplines, theory and practice, science and governance.

The manuscript deadlines for the two Special Issues have passed, but the Editors remain willing to hear from authors who have a paper that is potentially suitable. See the Proceedings page for contact details of the Honorary Editors.