In the wake of the first Australians – Bamboo raft from Timor to Australia

The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland in collaboration with the Society is hosting re-enactment archaeologist Glenn Marshall on his forthcoming bamboo raft expedition from Timor to Australia on Thursday 27th June, 7.30pm at the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland, 28 Fortescue St., Spring Hill. See flyer for details.


In Feb 2020, a group of re-enactment archaeologists will construct and sail a bamboo raft from Timor to Darwin. They aim to re-enact the first ocean crossings by people to Australia 70,000 years ago. Hear Glenn Marshall describe this scientific and adventure expedition which aims to shed light on the types of watercraft people may have used and the conditions/risks they dealt with. The presentation will outline details of the voyage plus archaeological, genetic, rock art and other evidence about the world’s first truly maritime culture in the islands of Indonesia.

Register on the RGSQ website – , scroll down to In the Wake of the First Australians event.