The Society’s Council

At the Society’s AGM held in November 2020, the following Councillors were elected for a period of 12 months.


Dr Ross Hynes

Email:  Dialogue specifically with the President – use president AT

Phone: 04 2872 1918

Vice-President – Communications and Policy

Dr Geoff Edwards

Email:  Dialogue specifically with the Vice-President – use vice-president-cp AT

Honorary Secretary

Mr James Hansen

Email: Use the Society’s general email address rsocqld AT for general enquiries.

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Joseph McDowall


Em. Prof. Angela Arthington

Dr Heather Douglas

Mr Andy Grodecki

Mr Trevor Love

Mr Col Lynam.

Other Office-bearers

Honorary Editor

A/Prof. Julien Louys

Administration Coordinator

Ms. Pam Lauder

admin AT

Honorary Librarian

Ms Shannon Robinson (Queensland Museum)

Membership Coordinator

Mr Tony Van Der Ark

membership AT