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This page is reserved for private notices from members and sponsors with products, projects or skills to advertise. The Society is not responsible for the content of these notices and makes no warranty as to the suitability of the goods and services for an inquirer’s purposes. Clicking on most of the links below will take the inquirer away from the Society’s website.

Go Extinct! – science game


Featured in Science magazine and created by Member Ariel Marcy, award-winning Go Extinct! is Go Fish evolved! You are a scientist competing to collect sets of closely related animals using an evolutionary tree. Evolutionary trees illustrate one of the most profound ideas in science: life is both mind-bogglingly diverse and also unified by common ancestors.

Fun for all humans aged 8 and up! Here’s how the game aligns with the Australian Science Standards. And click here for references.

Buy the game from Questacon’s on-line store.

Or print as many copies as you need for your classroom with the free Educator Edition.

Freshwater Resources of the Tropical North of Australia

A Hydrobiological Perspective

A new book by Member Prof Dilwyn Griffiths presents an overview of the freshwater resources of the tropical north of Australia and the major developments they have supported, starting with the post World War II development. That period saw the construction of major water storages and water-related infrastructure, leading to more recent projects with increasing emphasis on sustainability and protection of the environment. The major emphasis is on recent work but earlier work is also described to provide an overview of how thinking on the exploitation and management of this precious resource has evolved.

Click here for an order form from Nova Publishers.

Climate Quilt

2016-ClimateChangeQuilt Member Dr Tanya Scharaschkin exhibited her “Climate Quilt” at the EcoSciences Precinct during Science Week 2016. She has supplied a slide show and printed interpretation.


Bridgette Davis: Cultural heritage

Bridgette Davis’s special interest is in cultural studies. “Science” for the Society’s purposes is defined broadly and embraces studies of pre-European cultural heritage, grounded as it is in studies of the natural landscape and the application of scientific method to historical records.

Bridgette has taken a special interest in historical records of early contact on the Sunshine Coast and has taken advantage of the availability of the records of the Society and the Philosophical Society back to 1859.

Sparke Helmore Lawyers – Sponsor

Logo - Sparke Helmore logo 25mm

Sparke Helmore Lawyers is a firm of more than 650 people working from eight offices across Australia, serving the needs of the insurance, government, financial services, technology, mining, construction and property sectors. Their expertise spans corporate and commercial to construction, workplace to insurance, IP to IPOs, mining to manufacturing, and property to procurement.

See the firm’s website for more information.

Sparke Helmore Lawyers has arranged tax deductibility for the Society’s Research Trust Fund and has drafted amendments to the constitution to facilitate Internet banking, both on a pro bono basis. The Society is grateful for the helpful service of the firm and attests to the courtesy and professionalism of its staff.


Avantix – Sponsor


How do you get the most out of your big software investments?

With the proliferation of digital solutions and electronic processing, more and more companies are finding the transition from paper to digital is not as easy as it first seems. Avantix takes a holistic approach towards information processing, where knowledge trapped in paper form is merged with data from existing systems and operations, producing an accurate and complete data asset.

Gaining the ability to access information from the ‘too hard basket’ allows people to make decisions with confidence

Avantix takes pride in assisting companies through the processing of unstructured data from many disparate silos of information. Accessing data from several locations is often highly labour intensive. Reduce your risk, free up your resources and give your decision makers the timely information needed to advance your organisation.

Bring value to your upcoming information processing initiatives. Click on the Avantix website.