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The Amphibian Fauna of Eungella

Mahony, M. J. (2020)

The species diversity and endemism of the amphibians of the closed forest habitats at Eungella are assessed in the context of surrounding bioregions. The Central Mackay Coast bioregion in which Eungella occurs has a relatively high divers...

Do Cane Toads (Rhinella marina) Impact Desert Spring Ecosystems?

Clifford, S. E., Steward, A. L., Negus, P. M., Blessing, J. J., and Marshall, J. C. (2020)

Since their introduction in 1935, cane toads (Rhinella marina (Linnaeus, 1758)) have established and spread throughout north and north-eastern Australia. Cane toad impacts on terrestrial ecosystems are well documented, but impacts on aquati...

Vegetation Change Over 50 Years in Eucalypt Forest on North Stradbroke Island

Paul Williams, P., Kington, D., and Collins, E. (2020)

Detailed vegetation surveys on North Stradbroke Island (known by Traditional Owners as Minjerribah) by University of Queensland botanists in 1967 provided a rare and valuable opportunity to assess vegetation composition and structure chan...

Policy Follows Population: Alternative Development for the Rangelands

Douglas, H. (2020)

Policy Follows Population: Alternative Development for the Rangelands Heather Douglas Keywords: rural development, repopulation, wellbeing, policy Australian Rangelands Rangelands cover about 80% of ...

On a Fine Day in Shorncliffe the Sea Came Boiling Upwards Across the Bathers …

Lynam, C. (2020)

Australia’s historical scientific archives are open for investigation by citizen scientists, such as myself. They hold our unique primary scientific records, data and references, and they are found in universities, museums, state librar...

Royal Society of Queensland Annual Report 2018-2019

Annual Report 2018 - 2019 (2020)

This report covers the period from 11 October 2018 to 15 November 2019. The Society has again had an active year, with several inspiring events as well as timely publication of our journal. In summary, the Society remains in excellent ...

Managing Extreme Natural Events

Hansen, J. C. D. (2020)

Managing Extreme Natural Events James C. D. Hansen Keywords: management, preplanning, dam, flood I invite you to consider macro-management of extreme natural events in the light of three recent scenarios; and I...

Improving Conservation Outcomes for Great Artesian Basin Springs in South Australia

Lewis, S., and Harris, C. (2020)

It is estimated that there are more than six hundred springs and spring groups in the Great Artesian Basin (GAB), in Queensland, north-west New South Wales and South Australia. In the South Australian GAB, a limited number of important sp...


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