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Essentialistic Pluralism: The theory of spatio-temporal positioning of species using integrated taxonomy

Maxwell, S. J., Congdon, B. C., & Rymer, T. L. (2020)

The resurrection of essentialist arguments, in the context of the modern evolutionary synthesis, highlights the need for a break from historical definitions of ‘kind’ and ‘essence’ in order to bring a new paradigm in which these ...

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Edwards, G. P. (2020)

CONTRIBUTORS Dr Louise ASHTON Louise Ashton is Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong. Her research group, the biodiversity and environmental change laboratory, has a particular focus on tropical rainforest canopies and maintain...

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Edwards, G. P. (2020)

GUEST EDITORIAL In 2010 I delivered a talk to the annual meeting of Environmental Officers from local government agencies held at Surfers Paradise. I described the extensive biodiversity survey work we completed in Lamington National P...

Presidential Address

Edwards, G. P. (2020)

The Rangelands Policy Dialogue held on 1, 2 July 2019 was a signature event for the year. The event was co-organised by the Society along with AgForce, the peak representative body for broadacre agriculture, and NRM Regions Queensland, ...

Obituary – Ben Lawson



Eungella – The Land of Clouds Revisted

Kitching, R. L. (2020)

The rainforests of the Eungella massif are well known as centres of endemism and species richness. The name Eungella was adopted from local indigenous languages by the first European residents. First visited by professional biologists in ...

The Avifauna of the Eungela Region

Leach, E. C., Daly, G., & Burwell, C. J. (2020)

The Eungella region of the Clarke Range, located in central coastal Queensland, Australia, represents a ‘bridge’ between the avifauna of the tropics and that of the subtropics. In this paper, we collate species records from automated a...

The Eungella Biodiversity Study: Filling the Knowledge Gap

Ashton, L. A., Leach, E. C., Odell, E. H., McDonald, W. J. F., Arvidsson, D., Kitching, R. L. (2020)

The rainforest of the Eungella massif has long been recognised as biologically unique: a centre of local endemism and an overlap zone with biota from both the tropical rainforests of north Queensland and sub-tropical elements from further...


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