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Land Snails of the Eungella Plateau

Stantisic, J., & Window, E. (2020)

This study documents the land snails recovered on the Eungella Biodiversity Survey. Thirty-three species belonging to 10 families are documented, representing the first attempt at analysing the altitudinal stratification of the Eungella l...

Tree Clearing and Other Comments

House, M. (2020)

Tree Clearing and Other Comments Margaret House Fortuna Station, Aramac Keywords: tree clearing, Desert Uplands A ball put in the middle of a tree pulling chain when dozers were lower powered (Photo: C. Naso...

The Legacy of the International Biological Program in Australia

Alison Specht, A., and Specht, R. L. (2020)

The International Biological Program (IBP: 1964–1974) was initiated by the International Council of Scientific Unions (now the International Science Council, ISC) to promote the worldwide study of production on land, in freshwaters and i...

Putting Things Right in the Rangelands

Hoban, D. (2020)

Putting Things Right in the Rangelands Des Hoban Keywords: underlying drivers, transformative change, governance deficit The Outback takes in the red centre and the great pastoral regions of the inland. The most v...

Oases at the Gates of Hell: Hydrogeology, Cultural History and Ecology of the Mulligan River Springs, Far Western Queensland

Silcock, J.L., Tischler, M.K., and Fensham, R.J. (2020)

The Mulligan River springs occur on the eastern edge of the Simpson Desert in far south-west Queensland, near the north-west margin of the Great Artesian Basin, and are associated with the Toomba Thrust Fault. The springs provide the only...

The Royal Society of Queensland Annual Report 2019–2020

Edwards, G. P., and Hansen, J. (2020)

This report covers the period from 16 November 2019 to 15 November 2020. The nearly 12 months have experienced extraordinary circumstances which we could not have foreseen at the time of the Annual General Meeting in November 2019. However,...

Revisiting inscriptions on the Investigator Tree on Sweers Island

Collins, S. J., Mate, G. & Ulm, S. (2020)

The Investigator Tree, so named after Matthew Flinders’ ship HMS Investigator, is an inscribed tree currently on display in the Queensland Museum. Before being accessioned into the Queensland Museum’s collection in 1889, the Investiga...

Crucial Concepts to Be Considered When Developing Rangeland Policy

Hynes, R. (2020)

Crucial Concepts to Be Considered When Developing Rangeland Policy Ross A. Hynes Keywords: crucial concepts, rangeland policy, relevant research strategies Crucial Concepts for Developing Rangeland Policy 1. The foci ...


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