Stewardship incentives for the pastoral lands

All those interested in the management of Queensland’s pastoral zone are warmly invited to hear a proposal for a “stewardship incentives scheme” and a policy framework for the Land Restoration Fund announced during the 2017 State election. President Dr Geoff […]

Misalignment of energy policy and climate policy

Member Dr Paul Bell has recently co-authored a highly insightful report Inclusive growth and climate change adaptation and mitigation in Australia and China: Removing barriers to solving wicked problems. The work addresses the trajectory of Australia’s economy and the lack […]

Chronic disease – Prevention or patch-up?

Which preconditions of ill health are most ripe for remedial investment? Is smoking, poor diet, parasite load, socio-economic disadvantage, discrimination, poor education or lack of exercise most influential? What is the cost of not applying the remedies?        What […]

Authors : Annual opportunity to publish your knowledge

Papers are invited for issue 123 of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland. See Guide to Authors on the Proceedings page. One does not need to be an established scientist to publish in this venerable journal. Also, a […]


The Society has been assembling evidence on these subjects in recent times: Electricity : Inexpensive, reliable and clean – a pathway through the uncertainty and blame-game that seems to be afflicting national electricity policy. Carbon stocks and flows : A […]

Carbon flows – key to pastoral productivity

Member Alan Lauder is continuing his series of columns explaining the functioning of pastoral lands, based on science fortified with paddock-scale observations. Flows of carbon carry energy and nutrients and make them available to plants and animals. The materials on […]

Research Fund

The tax deductible Research Fund is open for donations, which are a way of perpetuating donors’ interest in science. More details on the Research Page. Applications for grants will be invited shortly (March 2018).

Tide of evidence shows that the Reef is in need of our help

The Sunday Mail published an opinion piece by the President on 14 January defending the integrity of scientific research and peer-reviewed publication against a criticism in the previous week’s newspaper. See our Press Releases page for more explanation.

Pandora captures knowledge

PANDORA, Australia’s web archive, stores substantive websites on rotation. This wonderful service, an element of Australia’s information infrastructure, aims to archive valuable information that otherwise might vanish when websites are restructured. Captured versions of the Society’s website from June 2015, […]


Taxonomy is a neglected field in science as it crosses numerous disciplines and no single discipline can speak on its behalf. But it is an field essential for understanding numerous other disciplines. An ‘Exposure Draft’ of a decadal plan for […]