Philanthropy – Making a difference – Leaving a legacy

Looking across 2019 and beyond, the external political and policy environment for science remains enormously challenging. If anything has become plain through public debate in 2017 and 2018, it has been that it is not sufficient for scientists to publish their knowledge of natural systems in scientific forums. It is also necessary to present that knowledge and its implications for public affairs into forums read and understood by the policy community.

A considerable regret of the Society’s Council during the past couple of years has been that it has lacked the resources to make better advantage of the depth of scholarship that lies within its members and its publications. An ongoing priority is to seek sponsorship and philanthropic donations to underpin an increased level of activity.

Those who have been blessed with financial security are warmly encouraged to assist the Society in its public-spirited endeavours to improve the standard of public debate and improve scientific literacy in policy circles. A very modest amount of money can enable the Society to launch significant new initiatives. For example, for $2500, a deliberative workshop can be run to bridge science, practice and policy on a given subject. A Table of opportunities is available, with aspirational sums indicated. Of course, donations of even $1 will be valued. Any interested person is warmly encouraged to contact the President, on president AT

Tax deductibility is available for donations to The Royal Society of Queensland Research Fund which funds research projects in the natural sciences. The grants offer high potential for leverage. See Research page for details.