Research Fund

Initiated by the Central Queensland Koala Volunteers, who wished to perpetuate their work on a wider canvas, the Society has established a trust fund to support research into the natural sciences. Donations to the fund are tax deductible (within standard ATO guidelines).

The fund will aim to support projects which escape the attention of the mainstream grant programs like those of the Australian Research Council. Applications for small-scale projects such as those by NGO groups or early career researchers will be encouraged.

Early in March 2018, the fund passed the minimum threshold for capital above which grants can be issued. The Trustees have authorised release of $5000 per year for three years. A call for applications will be launched on 5 June 2018 at the University of Queensland.


A prospectus summarising the policy  is available for prospective donors and other inquirers.

Policy Guidelines

The guidelines are interim and open to amendment as experience is gained. (However, they now won’t be changed until after the first round of applications has been finalised and the awards granted).


The Council of the Royal Society of Queensland pro tem is Trustee of the Research Fund.

The Research Fund has a Australian Business Number  and has been registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Donations can be lodged at any time into the trust account: BSB 064-001, Account number 11970213. Deposits can be made at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank or online. Please mark the transfer with an identifying name and send a specific request to the Society for a receipt. (Please do not pay into the Society’s mainstream account as general donations to the Society are not tax deductible).

The formal name of the account is THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF QLD AS TRUSTEES FOR THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF QUEENSLAND RESEARCH FUND  account. The name has been specified by the bank in conjunction with the new banking laws requiring account names to accurately reflect the registered entity.



Further information

Anyone who would like to know more about this inspiring opportunity to advance science is invited to contact the President, to discuss how your name and scientific interests might be perpetuated.


Other opportunities

There are few grant programs for modest-scale projects in Queensland-focused natural science. Researchers who are ineligible or unsuccessful in applying for a grant from the Royal Society of Queensland Research Fund are encouraged to inquire of other sources, such as:

Jill Landsberg Trust Fund Scholarships: An annual grant for research in terrestrial, marine or freshwater ecology.

Australian Academy of Science.

Australian Wildlife Society University Grants.

Grant opportunities from the Commonwealth Government (notably the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science, GO103).