Science Library

This page opens access to a variety of documents, photos and audio-visuals with science-relevant and Queensland-relevant content.

Material posted here is preserved for posterity not only by the Society but via PANDORA, Australia’s web archive, which stores substantive websites on rotation. This wonderful service, an element of Australia’s information infrastructure, aims to archive valuable information that otherwise might vanish when websites are updated. Captured versions of the Society’s website from June 2015, 2016 and 2017 can be viewed at  The site is scheduled for annual gathering every June.

Inquirers seeking scientific information should also visit the website of the Queensland Science Network which also has a Resources depository.

Royal Society’s Physical Library

In exchange for its Proceedings, the Society receives publications from all parts of the world and has, by this means, assembled a very important collection of scientific literature, containing some 20,000 volumes, now housed in the Queensland Museum Library. Members are welcome to visit this library, by arrangement with the Society’s Honorary Librarian, contactable via Queensland Museum.

Corner of Grey & Melbourne Sts, South Brisbane
See Map

Open 9:30am to 5:00pm (special hours on holidays)


Images of science-related subjects in Queensland are available on a new page (under construction). Some images are paywalled, some are free of charge.


Members’ Collections

Professional scientists, especially those well advanced in their career or of retirement age, tend to accumulate quantities of unpublished data, field notes, experimental observations, articles and reports. Members are invited to scan copies of material that is not otherwise readily accessible and is likely to have some enduring value for lodgement on this page. The page will be moderated so that members can have the benefit of a second opinion as to what is likely to have “enduring value”.

They can be viewed here.

On-Line Science Library

This digital library presents materials that are not readily available elsewhere, or not widely known, or not otherwise available online. The materials have mainly been authored or assembled by members of the Royal Society of Queensland, but in some cases are of independent origin, posted here as a service to the science community

For example, the site may include technical reports such as environmental impact studies that are not destined for formal publication or that could be lost when web pages are restructured. Dissertations resulting from honours or masters degrees that are unlikely to enter the peer-reviewed literature are also welcomed.

Material which is readily available from mainstream sources such as departmental websites or the indexed academic literature will generally not be reproduced here.

Authors and webmasters are invited to provide copies of documents that may fall within the scope of this index. The page cannot bypass copyright restrictions, but restricted documents may be indexed without being posted in full text online. The page is at an early stage of development.

Queensland Government Publications

This page includes a repository for science-related Queensland Government publications that might otherwise be lost. Reports of scientific grant projects, heritage studies, departmental strategies that are not subject to Cabinet confidentiality, data sets, ‘grey literature’ and more may be posted here.

They can be viewed here.