Origins science – Can science ever explain the origins of the universe?

Aerospace engineer and member Phil Andrews, in a new curiosity-led investigation, has questioned whether science has intellectual tools adequate to unearth the origin of the universe.

In a brief outline tabled and slideshow presented at the 2018 Annual General meeting, he explains: “Given that it is normal practice to apply ‘Methodological Naturalism’ to ‘Origins Science’, scientists must suppress any notion that what they are observing was supernaturally created, regardless of the evidence.  The concept of supernatural creation is not allowed and so scientists and science journals are not free to contemplate if something was supernaturally created, they must keep to natural explanations regardless of the evidence.  In so doing they become unscientific and break the tradition of independent inquiry”.

Any person who would like to contribute to Phil Andrews’ exploration of this field is invited to contact him directly on <philandrews04 AT SYMBOL>.