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Volume 132 Proceedings of The Royal Society of Queensland – Prelims

Justyna Miszkiewicz and Julien Louys (2023)

The Royal Society of Queensland has an honourable history as the senior scientific institution in the state. It was established in 1884, with royal patronage continuing unbroken from 1885. Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young PS...

Volume 132 The Royal Society of Queensland, Presidential Address

Quinn, N (2023)

Before the 2022 Federal election, people were intrigued about the ‘climate action now’ signs popping up all over the place. No doubt different people interpreted the ‘climate action now’ concept in many different ways. My aim wit...

Widespread Fluorescence in the Fur of Mammals of the Australian Wet Tropics

Reinhold, L. M. (2023)

The sporadic reporting of fluorescent mammal discoveries has led to the trait being considered atypical. However, this perception may be misleading considering that most mammal species have not been examined. Therefore, I made a targeted at...

The Dunstan Deals: How Some Geological Treasures Left Australia

Rix, A. (2023)

During his tenure as Chief Government Geologist of Queensland from 1908 until 1931, Benjamin Dunstan sold a complete Triassic amphibian fossil and Queensland’s largest meteorite to overseas institutions. When he died in 1933, he left a pe...

Walter Hill: The Scotsman Who Grew Queensland

Nielsen, D., and Kumarasuriyar, A. (2023)

For 26 years, Walter Hill was the longest serving and industrious Director of Brisbane’s Botanic Garden. During this period, he created a world-class botanic garden and public park in an area that subsequently became known as Gardens Poin...

Proceedings of The Royal Society of Queensland volume 132 – Combined

Julien Louys, Editor and Justyna Miszkiewicz Associate Editor (2023)

We are living in a post-truth world. Driven largely by the rise of social media, where opinion is presented as fact and no mechanisms or imperatives exist to ensure the accuracy of statements, our information ecosystem is awash with falseho...

Invention to Innovation: How Scientists Can Drive Our Economy – Book Review

Justin Maroccia (2023)

In a country that has nurtured numerous inventions and great scientific minds that have shaped our modern world, Invention to Innovation makes the case that Australian science can deliver economic success requisite with its extraordinary po...

Biology and Reproductive Ecology of the Endangered Cooper Creek Catfish

Burndred, K., and Sternberg,D. (2022)

The Cooper Creek catfish (Neosiluroides cooperensis) is an endangered species, endemic to the Cooper Creek catchment of the Lake Eyre Basin in Central Australia. The species is considered at risk from a range of significant biological and a...


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