New access to Proceedings archive

The Biodiversity Heritage Library based in the USA in collaboration with CSIRO and the National Museum, Victoria, have reached a milestone in a project to addarticle data to both The Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland and Transactions of the Philosophical Society of Queensland up to 1955. Every article now has its own article landing page and a DOI, e.g.

People can view the full list of articles in each volume by clicking on the “View parts” link under “View volume” on the title page of each journal, or by clicking on the “Table of contents” tab when viewing each volume. Both the “View parts” and “Table of contents” were created once articles were added (see that the volumes published after 1955, which are locked behind a paywall, don’t have these options). Also, taxonomic names are highlighted.

We are indebted to Nicole Kearney of the NMV for leading this wonderful project.