Rural Policy for Queensland

Coal seam gas and agricultural land

Member Dr David George presented at a significant community event at “Glendon”, Nangwee, Queensland 4407 on 26 August. He has supplied the attached Executive Summary of the discussion. The paper concludes by calling for federal intervention to protect good quality […]

Rangelands Consultative Council

On 31 October 2019, the three co-organisers of the Rangelands Policy Dialogue on 1,2 July re-committed to establishing a Rangelands Consultative Council to engage in consultations with stakeholders of all kinds and to conduct extensive policy analysis. A new webpage […]

Rangelands Policy Dialogue: After drought and debt, what next?

Rangelands Policy Dialogue: After drought and debt, what next? Introduction An interactive workshop in Brisbane on 1,2 July 2019 brought together people with knowledge of rural and regional Queensland to craft a strategy that can lead the pastoral industry to […]

Background reading on stewardship

Background reading This section is reserved for authoritative reports and other resources relevant to the management of Queensland’s pastoral zone – the unimproved inland pastures, also called “rangelands”. National Stewardship of Country webinars, Feb.-March 2021 In February/March 2021, the Royal […]

Stewardship of Queensland’s pastoral zone

Stewardship of Queensland’s pastoral zone What is the duty of care expected of  pastoralists in Queensland’s rangelands and who defines it? To reduce the flow of sediment to the Great Barrier Reef, is tougher regulation – the stick approach – […]

Rural Policy for Queensland

Rural Policy for Queensland In the wake of a crushing drought, the Society, AgForce representing broadacre agriculture and NRM Regions Queensland representing the 12 regional catchment bodies have formed a collaboration to bring into focus the challenges facing the pastoral […]

Green Vouchers

Society member Dr Philippa England has drafted a proposal for a green voucher scheme that would overcome the heavy transaction costs of the market-based carbon trading schemes. Dr England presented her proposal at the Society’s AGM on 9 December 2021. […]