Eungella Special Issue Vol 125

2020 – Eungella Special Issue Vol 125

A few years ago, Guest Editor Prof Roger Kitching of Griffith University organised and executed an extensive survey of the biodiversity of the Eungella rainforests generously funded by the Mackay Regional Council. Prof Kitching has subsequently assembled the resulting papers into Special Issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland on the rainforests of the Eungella region.

Special thanks are due to sponsors Environmental Futures Research Institute, Griffith University and its director Professor Zhihong Xu, Reef Catchments NRM group and an anonymous philanthropist. Without their support it would not have been possible to produce the work in print.

Print copies are available from the ‘Friends of the Garden’ at the Mackay Botanic Gardens and from the Society via email, cover price $35 plus $10 postage. Payment can be made on line or cheque, via the details on the Contact page.

Proceedings 125

Individual papers for Proceedings 125. Before accessing the following articles, please note that this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence. Individual articles may be copied or downloaded for private, scholarly and not-for-profit use. Quotations may be extracted provided that the author and The Royal Society of Queensland are acknowledged. Queries regarding republication of papers, or parts of papers such as figures and photographs, should be addressed to the Secretary of The Royal Society of Queensland Inc. (
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Kitching, R. L.Eungella, Queensland, biodiversityEungella - The Land of Clouds Revisited.18/02/2020
Ogilvie, P.Eungella, national park, historyThe development of national parks in the Eungella region.18/02/2020
Ashton, L. A.Eungella, elevational gradient, microclimate, soils, vegetationThe Eungella biodiversity study: Filling the knowledge gap.18/02/2020
Stanisic, A. & Window, E.Eungella, elevational gradient, land snails, taxonomy, distributionsLand snails of the Eungella plateau and environs, Clarke Range, Mid-eastern Queensland.18/02/2020
Burwell, C. J.dragonflies, damselflies, Odonata, EungellaDragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of the Eungella region.18/02/2020
Burwell, C. J.ants, Formicidae, EungellaRainforest ants (Hymenoptera: Hormicidae) along an elevational gradient at Eungella in the Clarke Range, Central Queensland coast, Australia.18/02/2020
Kitching, R. L.Pyraloidea, Spilomelinae/Pyraustinae, Eungella, elevation, distributionThe Pyraloidea of Eungella: A moth fauna in its elevational and distributional context.18/02/2020
Mahony, M. J.Eungella, AmphibiaThe amphibian fauna of Eungella and their important role in unravelling the evolutionary history of the Australian east coast closed forest biota.18/02/2020
Meyer, E. A.Eungella, frogs, conservation statusAn update on the status of wet forest stream-dwelling frogs of the Eungella region.18/02/2020 Typographical error in labels of Fig. 5 on p.106 corrected 26/2/2020
Leach, E. C.Eungella, birds The avifauna of the Eungella region, Central Coastal Queensland, Australia.18/02/2020
Hines, H. B.Mackay Highlands, Eungella, fire, severity, ecological impact, rainforestThe extent and severity of the Mackay Highlands 2018 wildfires and the potential impact on natural values, particularly in the mesic forests of the Eungella-Crediton area.18/02/2020
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