Harry Van Der Ark – Particle Physics to Astrophysics

Harry is currently a senior high school student at Hillbrook in Brisbane. Throughout his high school years Harry has been heavily involved in the sciences, particularly physics.
This passion has inspired Harry to attend Summer Pre-College programs at both Stanford University (2019) and Harvard University (2020) where he studied the frontiers of physics and particle physics. Harry was keenly involved in representing the Royal Society of Queensland in the production of a Street Science stand at the 2019 World Science Festival in Brisbane.
Harry is most interested in Astrophysics and for the past 2 years has been mentored by Prof. Tamara Davis of the University of Queensland undertaking various assignments. Additionally, in 2020 Harry was a finalist in the international science festival SCINEMA for his video on “Wave-Particle Duality”. He is currently a World Science Scholar under Prof. Brian Greene, a 2-year program of lectures and assignments, and in 2018 Harry founded the Hillbrook Science Club.
Harry’s other passions are politics and the outdoors, and he is an avid rock climber. In 2020 Harry was extremely excited to be accepted as a Student Member of The Explorers Club of New York. Harry’s current focus is securing the strongest result he can in his high school studies, and hopefully admission to a top university where he intends to pursue an academic career in physics.