Pre-conditions of Well-being – A Model

Prevention or Patch up?

Linking Scientific Knowledge with Policy in Public Health: A model for building well-being

It is not necessary to consult tables of statistics to realise that Australia has a challenge to overcome in its health policy. It is sufficient simply to stand at the entrance to any metropolitan railway station and watch the passing parade of undernourished or overweight teenagers. Every very such individual is evidence that our society is not imparting sufficient life capacities to its families and that the health system is not a sufficiently effective safety net when life capacities are deficient.

A model for transitioning the population to sustainable well-being will be built up here, element by element, through focused essays and scientific articles. The model aims to apply scientific method systematically to a complex problem that has metaphysical, biophysical, socio-cultural, economic and governance dimensions.

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Table of contents

Introduction and rationale for involvement of The Royal Society of Queensland

An explanation of the terms ‘health’, ‘well-being’ and ‘prevention’

Feasible paths – the framework around which the governance and policy aspects of the model will be structured.