Maintaining Queensland’s regional natural capital and ecosystem services

Sustainable Queensland Forum partnered with the Society and the Central Queensland University to run an interesting seminar in 2016. The proceedings have been rescued from the digital dungeon and are now available on the Events 2016 page of the Society’s website. Topics covered included:

  1. A stewardship model for managing Queensland’s pastoral lands
  2. The Australian experience in using biodiversity tenders for conservation
  3. The renewable energy revolution
  4. Economic Incentives for Key Environmental Values
  5. A strategy for expanding and managing Queensland’s protected area estate
  6. Climate change projection for Queensland
  7. Threats posed by the spread of invasive grasses
  8. Grazing, a conservation tool in fire sensitive ecosystems impacted by buffel grass
  9. The role of citizen science in sustainable tourism
  10. Public vs private management of conservation estate (fences).