Members’ Interests

The scholarly and curiosity-led interests of Society members are many and varied. The links below showcase recent investigations and publications. In some cases the authors indicate that they will welcome feedback. This page is being restructured. There will be some duplication while the menus are re-configured.

  • Electricity reform – Anthony Drakos - Anthony Drakos is a qualified electrical engineer with postgraduate qualifications and some relevant work experience. Anthony has taken a particular interest in the electricity regime in Queensland. He has written that he “cannot find any information on why Queensland is [...]
  • Col Lynam – Earthquakes and tsunamis -   Col Lynam is Principal of Earthquake Services, a consultancy based in Brisbane. His special scientific interests include seismology, earth sciences and citizen science. A list of citations in Google Scholar is testament to knowledge in a wide range of [...]
  • Anthropology – Justyna Miszkiewicz - Dr Justyna Miszkiewicz is an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award recipient (2018), reconstructing ancient human bone metabolism change with lifestyle in Asia-Pacific populations spanning the last 10,000 years of human history. Her work involves a microscopic examination of anthropological [...]
  • Harry Van Der Ark – Particle Physics to Astrophysics - Harry is currently a senior high school student at Hillbrook in Brisbane. Throughout his high school years Harry has been heavily involved in the sciences, particularly physics. This passion has inspired Harry to attend Summer Pre-College programs at both Stanford [...]
  • Conservation covenants - Members Philippa England and Nelson Quinn of Griffith University’s Law School are undertaking project-driven research on the operation of the Vegetation Management Act in Queensland. The project aims to identify opportunities for incremental improvements to the legislation with a view [...]
  • F.A. Perkins and a historical memory from George St – Elwyn Hegarty - Member Dr Elwyn Hegarty, retired botanist, who studied under Prof Ray Specht and the late Prof Trevor Clifford, has penned a reminiscence about Athol Perkins and the former University of Queensland property now occupied by Queensland University of Queensland.
  • Macadamias at Mt Glorious – Elwyn Hegarty - Elwyn Hegarty has written a report on the history and current state of 1927 footpath plantings of Macadamia tetraphylla along Mount Glorious Road, Mount Glorious Queensland.
  • Vale Trevor Clifford OAM - The world of science lost a true scientist and gentleman in the passing of Harold Trevor (Trevor) Clifford PhD DSc FLS FAIBiol OAM, on Saturday 4 May 2019 after a rapid and steep decline in his health. Professor Clifford was [...]
  • Five Million Hectares: A Conservation Memoir – Paul Sattler OAM - Paul is a biologist and former President of the Royal Society. His published 219-page work Five Million Hectares: A Conservation Memoir is available online here (11.5MB). The work is a highly readable and informative story of the author’s professional journey [...]
  • Brisbane Knowledge Corridor: Route 66 Project – Andy Grodecki - Brisbane’s Knowledge Corridor was conceived by the Smart State Council in 2007 in their Smart Cities: rethinking the city centre report as a corridor that connects most of Brisbane’s science, arts and cultural precincts and has most recently been presented [...]
  • Spanish exploration of northern Australia – Steve Hutcheon - The curiosity of Member Steve Hutcheon – who has an eclectic interest in Queensland’s early explorers and naturalists – was recently piqued upon learning of a letter by one J.E. Richter in The Sydney Morning Herald of 22 June 1872, [...]
  • Phytochemical Feast – Paul Williams - Plants are exceptional chemists and their pharmacy provides us with an enormous number of compounds that are essential to our long-term good health. This is explained in a new book by Dr Williams.
  • Lighthouses of Cooloola and Australia – Ron Turner - Royal Society Member Ron Turner, former Ranger-in-Charge at Cooloola National Park, has produced a delightful e-book on the lighthouses of Australia. 18 lighthouses in Queensland are featured, each with an impressive photograph and a page of notes. The compilation will [...]
  • Gravestones: Public research underpins the knowledge economy – David Marlow - “Australia has a long and inglorious record of establishment by governments of valuable, valued and successful science-based initiatives … only to later abolish them. The results are loss of focus, loss of group knowledge, loss of expertise, loss of analytical [...]
  • Origins science: Can science discover the origin of the universe? – Phil Andrews - Aerospace engineer Phil Andrews is examining whether science possesses tools of inquiry adequate to explore all conceivable explanations of the origin of the universe. Given that it is normal practice to apply ‘Methodological Naturalism’ to ‘Origins Science’, scientists suppress any [...]
  • Seventy-two years of curiosity – Ray Specht AO - From Arnhem Land Expedition 1948 to 2018 – A life’s work With editorial assistance from member Dr David Doley, Life Member Prof Ray Specht has compiled Ray Specht – A Retrospective including a bibliography of some of his published work [...]
  • Well-being legislation for Queensland? – David Marlow - If Wales can pass legislation which requires public bodies to consider the long-term social, cultural, environmental and economic well-being of the Welsh people in all of their decision-making, could it work in Queensland? Member David Marlow, systems analyst and futurist, [...]
  • Greenwashing infrastructure – Bill Laurance - Prof Bill Laurance, Director of the Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Science (TESS) based at James Cook University, in an article published in The Conversation, “The world’s forests will collapse if we don’t learn to say ‘no’”, has drawn [...]
  • Carbon flows: Key to pastoral productivity – Alan Lauder - Former pastoralist Alan Lauder’s pioneering insights into the management of pastoral landscapes by timing – dynamic management of carbon production – are explained in a series of 37 easy-to-read columns, along with his ground-breaking book of 2008 Carbon Grazing,  an [...]
  • Mine rehabilitation – Corinne Unger - Corinne Unger is a Churchill Fellow and an international expert on mine rehabilitation and closure planning, abandoned mine management and post-mining land use. After a distinguished career within the public service, she has taken up study for a doctorate at [...]

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