New Life Member, Em. Prof. Angela Arthington

On 18 June 2022, Emeritus Professor Angela Arthington accepted Council’s offer of Honorary Life Membership. Life Membership can be conferred either for outstanding service to the Society or for significant eminence in scholarship. Prof. Arthington eminently qualifies on both counts. Not content with having edited the landmark A Place of Sandhills, volume 117 of our Proceedings – a Special Issue on the sand islands – she took on the role of coordinating editor for volume 126, the Special Issue on the Springs of the Great Artesian Basin and negotiated sponsorship sufficient to print copies. At the same time she edited volume 128, the regular annual issue and also served on the Council.

And that doesn’t even encompass adequately just the service to the Society in just a few short recent years. An account of her eminence in ecological science will be published in due course but it will cover a career-long list of achievements.

Congratulations, Prof Arthington. You’ve demonstrated that there is no such thing as retirement for an active mind!