Events from 2018

Annual General Meeting

29 November 2018

Community Meeting Room, ground floor, Brisbane Square Library Thursday 29 Nov. at 4 PM. Presentations from the two winners of the Society’s 2018 Research Fund awards will be a highlight. Public welcome. Business until 6 PM followed by light refreshments.

Research Fund award

29 November 2018

The inaugural grants from the Research Fund will be announced at the Society’s AGM on 29 November, not on 31 October as previously announced.

2018 John O’Hagan Lecture “Quality in Research” by Alan Finkel

20 November 2018

By Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel on Tuesday 20 Nov. at the UQ Centre, University of Queensland, 5.15 for 6pm. Dr O’Hagan is a Life Member of the Society. (Event organised by Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences). See flyer.

Some youth are disadvantaged from birth !

9 August 2018

Second workshop in a series of three on preventative health, keynote Dr Malcolm McDonald, Consultant Physician, Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention, James Cook University. Afternoon of Thursday 9 August. This event is fully booked. See Community Health page for more details.

Stewardship incentives for the pastoral zone

28 May 2018

A proposed ‘stewardship incentives scheme’ will be announced at an event in the Auditorium, 111 George St. Refreshments 12.00 noon, Keynote presentation 12.30, Roundtable discussion with eminent panellists 1.30 to 4.30. Free of charge. Register for catering purposes via Eventbrite , see accompanying Recent News item and  flyer for more details.

Design your own game!

29 April 2018

Create your own award-winning board game abounding with Australian biodiversity! Sunday 29 April, 9.00am – 12 noon. The Edge (State Library of Queensland), South Bank, Brisbane.

Society Member Ariel Marcy will launch a free online game design tool (demo here). The DIY Go Extinct platform allows students and teachers to design their own games about evolution and Australian biodiversity. Grants from Queensland Government Engaging Science and US Embassy Public Affairs acknowledged.

Research Fund grants open

5 June 2018

The inaugural round of applications for grants from the Royal Society of Queensland Research Fund will be launched by Life Member Prof Trevor Clifford at a celebration at the University of Queensland at 11am on 5 June 2018. More details in the flyer.

Citizen Science: Challenges and benefits for biodiversity conservation

11 August 2018

The Hut Environment and Community Association will present a forum on Saturday, 11 August 2018 at Pullenvale. Abstracts by 6 April. Flyer has details.

Evidence-led Toolkit

13 April 2018

Come to Seminar Room 3, at 111 George St, at 12.30pm for a lunchtime forum with Dr Brendan Markey-Towler and the President on a toolkit for building evidence into policy. Then over a light lunch into the afternoon participate in a free-flowing discussion about fake news, alternative facts and case studies from practitioners. Free of charge.