RoySocQ Members’ Newsletter No. 109 of 2022

Dear Member

This Newsletter No. 10 for 2022 seeks your help to distribute publicity for our Headline Event on 28 September announcing a new award for writing on social change. It also presents a revision of the Society’s mission for critical feedback.
Please take time to open the link (0.4MB) and read of:

  • A new award for writing on social change –  joint event with Royal Societies of Australia
  • Public recognition of Dr Alistair Melzer’s koala research and details of Prof Ian Lowe’s John Sinclair lecture
  • Four substantive articles now online for Proceedings 131
  • SEQ community planning forum – courtesy Dr Philippa England
  • Numerous forthcoming events
  • Society’s mission
  • Paused initiatives needing volunteers

And importantly:

  • Leadership of the Society is available, as both the President and Vice-President, Policy wish to stand down at the forthcoming AGM.

Please distribute the separate flyer advertising the Social Change Award to your colleagues and friends.

And by the way, take time to check the Queensland Science Network website with news of other events not covered in this direct Newsletter.

Best wishes
Ross Hynes