Making a difference – Philanthropy

Looking across 2019 and 2020, our nation’s capacity to apply scientific and other evidence to policy-making and decision-making seems worse than ever. Plainly it is not sufficient for experts to publish their knowledge in scholarly forums. It is also necessary to present that knowledge and its implications into forums read and understood by the policy community.

The Society lacks the resources to take adequate advantage of the depth of scholarship that lies within its membership and its publications. Those who have been blessed with comfortable income or wealth are warmly encouraged to assist the Society in its public-spirited endeavours to bring light to bear on national challenges. A very modest amount of money can leverage a large amount of activity. A Table of opportunities is available, with aspirational sums indicated. Of course, donations of even $1 will be valued. Any interested person is invited to contact the Vice-President, on vice-president-cp AT


Original research

Tax deductibility is available for donations to The Royal Society of Queensland Research Fund which funds research projects in the natural sciences. See Research page for details.

General purposes

Other donations may be made using the PayPal facility below. (It is not necessary to hold a PayPal account). These other donations are remitted to the Society’s general account and are not tax deductible. The Society welcomes donations for specific causes preferred by donors, such as the Queensland Science Network, publication of the Proceedings or hosting named events. Please send a separate message to to advise of your preferred purpose and contact details for a receipt. Also advise whether you wish to have your donation acknowledged publicly.



When you click on ‘Donate’ you will be transferred to a PayPal ‘Donations’ page where you can enter the amount you wish to donate and your preferred method of payment.