Proceedings 127 – A Rangelands Dialogue: Towards a Sustainable Future – Symposium Proceedings 2019

A Rangelands Dialogue: Towards a Sustainable Future

The papers in these Proceedings originated as briefing papers for the Rangelands Policy Dialogue convened by The Royal Society of Queensland, AgForce and Natural Resource Management Regions Queensland in July 2019. They take the form of either short communications or opinion pieces and have been peer-reviewed to that standard.

Whether revealed by indicators of biophysical condition and trend, or measures of socio-economic strain, these lands and their communities are in widespread (though not universal) decline, now accentuated by rapidly materialising changes in climate. The Dialogue heard that current economic settings cannot lead to ecological sustainability and that a model based upon 'business as usual' is not deemed appropriate or responsible.

The Rangelands Declaration, printed at the end of the volume, provides a platform for cooperative development of a new vision for Queensland’s rangelands and new institutional arrangements to implement the vision.

Editor Paul Sattler, Contributing Editors Ross Hynes and Geoff Edwards. Date of Publication: 18 August 2020.

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Complete volume (43 MB)A Rangelands Dialogue: Towards a Sustainable Future
Covers + Preliminaries + ContentsCovers + Preliminaries + ToC
Executive SummaryExecutive Summary + ToC
Setting the SceneDavid GeorgeIntroduction
Des HobanPutting things right in the Rangelands
Paul Sattler OAMSome key initiatives in the conservation and management of Queensland Rangelands
EconomicsBen ReesRural debt and viability: A conference summary
Mark McGovernAddressing comprehensive capital run down
Jon StanfordLonger term issues in Queensland's Rangelands: An economic perspective
Social landscapeHeather DouglasPolicy follows population: Alternative development for the Rangelands
Climate ChangeD. L. Lloyd OAM, D. A. George and J.F. ClewettClimate change adaptation, risk management and education to meet needs in the Rangelands
Planning and PolicyMajor General The Hon. Michael Jeffery AC, AO(Mil), CVO, MC (R’td)Soils for Life synopsis
Michael GuerinRangelands policy dialogue speech on behalf of Agforce
Geoff EdwardsAs if for 1,000 years: A land-use planning authority for Queensland?
Martin TaylorNational parks and tourism in the Rangelands
Don Keith AMNative forest changes affecting apiculture and crop production
Ross A HynesCrucial concepts to be considered when developing Rangelands policy in 2019
Peter DartMining affects Rangelands management and integrity
Clem CampbellThe Earth Charter and sustainable Rangelands management
Dana KellyInternational year of the Rangelands and pastoralists
James C.D. HansenManaging extreme natural events
Pastoral ManagementGeoff Niethe and Phil HolmesThe Last 50 Years of Pastoralism: What Impact Drought Strategies?
Michael YeatesTransition and history in the grazing industry: Then and now?
Alan LauderIt’s carbon flows that drive land restoration
David MarlowSmall water cycles: What are they, their importance, their distribution
Howard BriggsReflections on the future use of pastoral lands in Australia
Margaret HouseTree clearing and other comments
Management - LandcareKen KeithRevisioning Landcare to deliver ecosystem services west of the Divide
Paul McDonaldWe need to start with where people are at, not where we want them to be