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Proceedings 129

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AuthorKeywordsTitleDate of acceptanceDate of publication
Peter A. JellTrilobite, Solenopleuridae, Modocia, Devoncourt Limestone, Burke River Structural Belt, Lejopyge laevigata Zone.A New Species of Modocia (Trilobita: Ptychoparioidea) in the Late Middle Cambrian (Guzhangian: Miaolingian) Devoncourt Limestone, Northwestern Queensland
Emily E. Jones[Thesis abstract]Pathological and Clinicopathological Features of Canine and Feline Bladder Disease
Jendrian Riedel[Thesis abstract]Evolution and Ecological Adaptations of Microornamentation in Australian Geckos (Gekkota, Squamata)
Alison Specht[Obituary]Obituary Raymond Louis Specht, 1924–2021
Council of The Royal Society of Queensland[citation]The Royal Society of Queensland, Award of Life Membership to Craig Walton, 15 June 2021
Bryce Campbell, Gilbert J. Price, Julien Louys, and Justyna J. Miszkiewiczdental microstructure, crocodile, enamel, PaludirexCrocodile Tooth Histology from a Pliocene Deposit in Chinchilla, Queensland
Peter E. Anderson and Wayne Orchistonplanetariums, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, amateur astronomy, Mark Rigby, Jeff Ryder, ATP syndromeThe Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium and Amateur Astronomy in Queensland
Council of The Royal Society of Queensland[Citation]The Royal Society of Queensland Award of Life Membership to Dilwyn J. Griffiths, 15 June 2021
Peter A. Jell, Ian G. Percival, and Alex G. CookOrdovician, shelly fossils, fault block, New England Orogen, Yarrol FaultOrdovician Fauna in a Small Fault Block on the Yarrol Fault, South of Calliope, Central Queensland
Paul R. Williams and Bree C. Cloutenthreatened flora, protected plants, Ipomoea antonschmidii, flora survey guidelines, Queensland Nature Conservation ActAn Appraisal of the Queensland Flora Survey Guidelines for Protected Plants, Through a Survey of Ipomoea antonschmidii, a Near Threatened Plant of the Northwest Highlands Bioregion
Peter A. JellAddendum
Nigel E. Storklast biotic frontier, forest canopy, tropical rainforest, canopy access, forest drought experimentThe Daintree Canopy Crane: Conception, Installation and Operation
Ross A. HynesPresidential Address
Ross A. HynesAnnual Report