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Researchers are often pushed to publish their work in high impact journals, but we must not forget that regional journals are as important, despite their low profiles. Sometimes, research findings that may initially seem internationally insignificant could revolutionise future theoretical and experimental developments around the globe. Equally, basic regional science out of scope for high profile journals is important to local communities and so it needs a home. Our journal prides itself on publishing a range of types of research communication and on rigorous standards of peer-review. We have a long history and are cited internationally – recognition which we want to continue for many decades to come. In 2022, we are particularly excited about our plan to feature an Early Career Researcher (ECR) section in the 131st volume of the Proceedings. We want to promote up-and-coming talent and provide an open access avenue for those who have had limited experience publishing in peer-reviewed journals. – Dr Justyna Miszkiewicz, Honorary Editor 2022.

Call for Papers

The deadline for papers for the 2022 annual printed edition of the Proceedings of The Royal Society of Queensland has passed. However manuscripts can be accepted at any time and will be published online as soon as they have survived peer review and revision. All enquiries about the suitability of a manuscript should be directed to the 2023 Honorary Editor, A/Prof. Julien Louys, via editor AT see the dedicated page for details:

From Volume 124, papers published in the Proceedings are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence. Individual articles may be copied or downloaded for private, scholarly and not-for-profit use. Quotations may be extracted provided that the author/s and The Royal Society of Queensland are acknowledged. Queries regarding republication of papers, or parts of papers such as figures and photographs, should be sent to the Secretary of The Royal Society of Queensland (rsocqld AT The right to charge fees for reproduction is transferred upon publication to and retained by the Society.

Proceedings 131

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Referred Papers
Kate Burndred and David SternbergLake Eyre Basin, Plotosidae, endemic species, sleepy cod (Oxyeleotris lineolata), life historyBiology and Reproductive Ecology of the Endangered Cooper Creek Catfish (Neosiluroides cooperensis) and Implications for Its Conservation
William G. PerkinsKalkadoon Granodiorite, Leichhardt complex, Magna Lynn Metabasalt, Mount Isa Province, metasomatismReversal of Ages of the Kalkadoon/Leichhardt Complex and the Magna Lynn Metabasalt, NW Queensland
Cynthia Parayiwa, Alison M. Behie and Aparna LalGIS, space-time, perinatal health, emerging hot spotPerinatal Health Surveillance: A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Administrative Health Records from Queensland, Australia, 2008–2018
Supplemental Material
Paul Williams, Penny Watson, David Kington and Eleanor Collinsplanned burning, frequent fire, wildfire, overabundant saplings, kangaroo grassFrequently Burnt Subtropical Eucalypt Forest Is More Resilient to Wildfire Than Rarely Burnt Forest
Paul Williams, Eleanor Collins, Michelle Nash, Chandra Wood, Mel Cooper, Craig Hardie and Kelli MesserNotelaea lloydii, Zieria gymnocarpa, fire management, monitoring, subtropical eucalypt forestPopulation Dynamics and Fire Response of Two Rare Shrubs in Brisbane Eucalypt Forests
David L. Lloyd and David A. Georgeclimate change adaptation, risk management, belief systems, scepticism, action learning processA Rangelands Conundrum – the Division Within and Among Producers and Stakeholders Regarding Climate Change: Addressing the Challenge to Promote and Gain Consensus of Perception
Peter Dart, Colin Lynam, Revel Pointon and Geoff Edwardsgroundwater, subsidence, aquifer, salt, agriculture production, regulationCoal Seam Gas Mining: An Assault on Farming Land, Water Resources and Property Rights
Supplemental Material
Peter Dart, Philippa England and Nelson Quinnbiodiversity conservation, nature-based solutions, rural land, private tenures, funding schemesRecent Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation on Privately Tenured Rural Land: An Introductory Survey and Discussion
Alan RixCenozoic, Eocene, Ipswich coal measures, fossil fish, fossil insectsCoal, Bees and Fossils: The History and Significance of the Redbank Plains Formation Fossil Sites, South East Queensland
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Early-career Researcher Abstracts
Katie O’Connor, Jodi Neal, Apollo Gomez and Joanne De Faveri[ECR Abstract]
strawberry, powdery mildew, fungus, genomics, DNA
Using DNA Information to Breed for Disease-resistant Strawberries
Ryu Lippmann, Kate Helmstedt, Mark Gibbs and Paul Corry[ECR Abstract]
optimisation, facility location, facility sizing, coral aquaculture, reef restoration
Optimising Facility Location and Sizing for Coral Aquaculture Production
Eva F. Martellotta and Paul Craft[ECR Abstract]
Australian archaeology, wooden tools, hardwood boomerangs, multipurpose
Boomerangs Shape Stone Tools in Ancient Queensland: Experimental Archaeology and Traditional Knowledge Reveal a New Function of the Most Iconic Indigenous Tool
Maya Bharatiya, Tanya M. Smith and Christine M. Austin[ECR Abstract]
strontium, life history, tooth development, dental anthropology, marsupials
Testing Strontium for Estimating Weaning Ages: Implications for Marsupial Life History Reconstruction
Sally Wasef, Ido Bar, Natasha Mitchell and Kirsty Wright[ECR Abstract]
Ancient DNA, WWI remains, paleogenetics, next-generation sequencing, target enrichment
What Can Ancient DNA Bring to the Identification of Fallen Australian War Casualties? Pioneering Methodologies at Queensland-based Ancient DNA Facilities
Charles Cadier, Nathan Waltham, Adam Canning, Scott Fry and Maria F. Adame[ECR Abstract]
tidal restriction, coastal wetlands, methane, tidal restoration, soil indicators
Tidal Restriction Leads to Enhanced Methane Emissions in Tropical Australia
Arun Singh Ramesh, Alexander W. Cheesman, Darren M. Crayn and Lucas A. Cernusak[ECR Abstract]
habitat suitability, wet tropics, Flindersia, leaf traits, fragile ecosystems
Are Tropical Mountaintop Trees Constrained in Their Distributions by Physiological Limitations? Thermal Adaptation and Acclimation to Climate Change
Royal Society of Queensland Reports
Ross A. Hynes[Presidential Address]Presidential Address 2022
The Imbalance of Power between Urban and Rural Populations When Addressing Sustainability While Burdened by Indifferent Politics
Ross A. Hynes[Annual Report]The Royal Society of Queensland Annual Report 2021–2022 20.10.202231.10.2022
Council of The Royal Society of Queensland[Citation]The Royal Society of Queensland, Award of Life Membership to Angela H. Arthington, 18 June 2022
Angela Arthington[Career Retrospective]A Career Retrospective
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