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Researchers are often pushed to publish their work in high impact journals, but we must not forget that regional journals are as important, despite their low profiles. Sometimes, research findings that may initially seem internationally insignificant could revolutionise future theoretical and experimental developments around the globe. Equally, basic regional science out of scope for high profile journals is important to local communities and so it needs a home. Our journal prides itself on publishing a range of types of research communication and on rigorous standards of peer-review. We have a long history and are cited internationally – recognition which we want to continue for many decades to come.

Papers are now being published progressively for the 2023 annual edition of the Proceedings of The Royal Society of Queensland. We thank the Honorary Editor, A/Prof. Julien Louys, contactable via editor AT  The 2023 Guide to Authors will be reviewed for the 2024 edition. Manuscripts can be accepted at any time and will be published online as soon as they have survived peer review, revision and typesetting.

From Volume 124, papers published in the Proceedings are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence. Individual articles may be copied or downloaded for private, scholarly and not-for-profit use. Quotations may be extracted provided that the author/s and The Royal Society of Queensland are acknowledged. Queries regarding republication of papers, or parts of papers such as figures and photographs, should be sent to the Secretary of The Royal Society of Queensland (rsocqld AT The right to charge fees for reproduction is transferred upon publication to and retained by the Society.

Geographic scope
From Volume 132, articles about Norfolk Island will be deemed to be within the geographic scope of “Queensland” for the purpose of the journal.

Proceedings 132

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Refereed papers
Rix, Alangeological specimens, Benjamin DunstanThe Dunstan Deals: How Some Geological Treasures Left Australia
Reinhold, Lindafluorescence, fur, mammals, wet tropicsWidespread Fluorescence in the Fur of Mammals of the Australian Wet Tropics
28.8.2023 (corrected)24.9.2023
Nielson, David and Kumarasuriyar, AnomaBrisbane Botanic Garden, Victoria Regia, Queensland Acclimatisation SocietyWalter Hill: The Scotsman Who Grew Queensland
Book reviews
Maroccia, JustinMarshall and DaroczyInvention to Innovation: How Scientists Can Drive Our Economy
Royal Society of Queensland Reports
Quinn, Nelson[Presidential Address]Climate Action Now