Proceedings 133: Planning and climate change


Special Issue 133 is dedicated to the threats to Queensland’s natural and built environments and human populations posed by climate change and the failure of the State’s planning systems to build resilience. “Planning systems” includes the statutory regime of development control, regional natural resource planning, transport infrastructure planning and other forms of strategic guidance to development and management of the State’s natural and built assets.

Call for Papers
Papers are now invited for Special Issue volume 133 of the Proceedings of The Royal Society of Queensland on the subject of “Planning and climate change”. All enquiries about the suitability of a manuscript should be directed to the Honorary Editor via planning AT Before submitting, please consult the volume 133 Guide to Authors.  Manuscripts can be accepted at any time until the volume is complete (expected to be mid-2024) and will be published online as soon as they have survived peer review, revision and typesetting. Papers submitted before 31 December 2023 may be eligible for the David Marlow Prize (see Research page).

Without being restrictive or exhaustive, papers on the following themes will be within scope:

  • how urban and regional planning came to be a tool to facilitate economic growth rather than to guide property development in the public interest.
  • a set of principles that might be embedded in planning legislation and policy to advance sustainability.
  • performance-based versus prescriptive planning and whether the current regime has tended too much towards flexibility.
  • the trend towards project-by-project assessment with neglect of strategic planning.
  • whether planning is now a conflicted discipline, within the profession and within local governments.
  • whether the biophysical and socio-economic datasets within State and local government circles are adequate to support planning by State and local governments and regional NRM bodies.
  • trends in natural disasters and extremes.
  • shifts in biodiversity and health parameters under climate change.
  • a template or action plan for reform.

Papers published in the Proceedings are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence. Individual articles may be copied or downloaded for private, scholarly and not-for-profit use. Quotations may be extracted provided that the author/s and The Royal Society of Queensland are acknowledged. Queries regarding republication of papers, or parts of papers such as figures and photographs, should be sent to the Secretary (rsocqld AT The right to charge fees for reproduction is transferred upon publication to and retained by the Society.

Geographic scope
Articles about Norfolk Island are deemed to be within the geographic scope of “Queensland” for the purpose of the journal.

Proceedings 133

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