Feast on Phytochemicals. Natural health-boosting compounds in fruit, vegetables, herbs & spices, including Australian bush food plants.

Book Review (2020)


In an age of chronic diseases that are associated with fast food and poor lifestyle choices, there appears to be a ‘turn in the wheel’ which focuses on food as medicine and the science behind the phytochemicals found within the plant kingdom. The author of Feast on Phytochemicals, Paul R. Williams (PhD), demonstrates how empirical knowledge of the health benefits of various foods is now being backed by science. Paul is a plant ecologist focused on fire and weed management, who has also developed a strong interest in bush foods and the value of plants in human nutrition. His scientific integrity and passion for food as medicine shines throughout the book. Reading his book is an enjoyable journey through the history of chemical compositions; and why a plant’s ecological system makes phytochemicals that can be used to promote health benefits.