Humble Cow: A Koala Serial Killer? Royal Society of Queensland Research Project, 2018

Jiang, A. (2020)


Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) populations are declining in Australia, with habitat loss believed to be one of the major factors leading to this decline (Seabrook et al., 2003; McAlpine et al., 2006). In Queensland, clearing of koala habitat in coastal zones is mainly associated with urban development, while in rural areas of Central Queensland it is associated with the expansion of cattle grazing from the beef and dairy industries (Preece, 2007). Consequently, research is urgently required into the potential conflicts between cattle and koalas to guide management strategies which will enable cattle and koalas to co-exist. The recent concept of ‘Koala Beef’ is intended to encourage the conservation of koalas in cattle grazing land by developing a koala-friendly beef industry (Ellis et al., 2017). Koala Beef encourages the preservation of remnant bush as koala habitat on grazing properties, with vegetation corridors to connect these habitat remnants so that resident koalas are able to survive and traverse to new areas safely, while maintaining the economic profitability of the cattle property.