Land Snails of the Eungella Plateau

Stantisic, J., & Window, E. (2020)


This study documents the land snails recovered on the Eungella Biodiversity Survey. Thirty-three species belonging to 10 families are documented, representing the first attempt at analysing the altitudinal stratification of the Eungella land snail fauna. Three species were newly recorded and subsequently described from the survey, these being Eungellaropa crediton Holcroft 2018, Burwellia staceythomsonae Holcroft & Stanisic 2018, and Pereduropa burwelli Holcroft & Stanisic 2018. Fastosarion comerfordae Stanisic 2018 was also described from the survey material, having previously been confused with the Mt Dryander Fastosarion superba (Cox, 1871). Species are discussed in relation to their current taxonomy, their local and more widespread distributions, and their habitat and microhabitat preferences. Shortcomings of the land snail survey are also briefly discussed. A biogeographic overview of the Eungella rainforest land snails is presented.