The Amphibian Fauna of Eungella

Mahony, M. J. (2020)


The species diversity and endemism of the amphibians of the closed forest habitats at Eungella are assessed in the context of surrounding bioregions. The Central Mackay Coast bioregion in which Eungella occurs has a relatively high diversity of frogs, with 24 species from three native families: 5 species of Limnodynastidae, 7 Myobatrachidae, and 12 Pelodryadidae. The closed forest communities support a high level of phylogenetic endemism, with representatives of three ancient lineages of myobatrachids: one species of Rheobatrachus, two Taudactylus, and a disjunct population of a species of Mixophyes. In addition, it supports disjunct populations of several species of the genus Litoria. This high level of endemism is indicative of the importance of the upland rainforests of Eungella as a cool and moist refuge that has persisted over many millions of years.