The Avifauna of the Eungela Region

Leach, E. C., Daly, G., & Burwell, C. J. (2020)


The Eungella region of the Clarke Range, located in central coastal Queensland, Australia, represents a ‘bridge’ between the avifauna of the tropics and that of the subtropics. In this paper, we collate species records from automated acoustic recordings and field observations made during the Griffith University and Queensland Museum surveys of Eungella National Park and Pelion State Forest in 2013 and 2014, bird observations uploaded to the eBird database, and information available from local birders. So far, 236 bird species have been recorded in the Eungella region, representing 67 families – 36.4 per cent of the total of 648 species known from Queensland. Eungella National Park protects the core range of a species endemic to the Clarke Range, the Eungella Honeyeater (Bolemoreus heinwoodi), as well as numerous endemic subspecies and isolated populations of subtropical species. Many of these species and subspecies are restricted to cool upland rainforest and, as a consequence, are seriously threatened by climate change.