Research Fund Awards

We are pleased to announce the award of two grants in the second round of the Research Fund.

Koala microbiomes by Dr Michaela Blyton of the University of Queensland. We are delighted that the Australian Koala Foundation has agreed to sponsor this award. This has enabled the Society to make a second grant.

Koala Retrovirus infection by Dr Bonnie Quigley, University of the Sunshine Coast.

Photo by Pam Lauder: L-R Bonnie Quigley, Chairman of the AKF Ms Deborah Tabart OAM, Michaela Blyton, President Dr Ross Hynes

Projects on green sea turtles , spot-tailed quolls and sea-weeding coral reefs were deemed meritorious runners-up and philanthropists are invited to support them with tax-deductible donations.  More information on the Research Fund page.