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Queensland Science Network

Inquirers seeking general scientific information should visit the website of the Queensland Science Network . The website you are now viewing primarily showcases the activities of the Society and its members.

Pandora (now absorbed into Trove)

Material posted on this website is preserved for posterity not only by the Society but via PANDORA, Australia’s web archive, which stores substantive websites on rotation. This wonderful service, an element of Australia’s information infrastructure, aims to archive valuable information that otherwise might vanish when websites are updated. Captured versions of the Society’s website from June 2015 can be viewed there. This site is scheduled for annual gathering every 18 June.

Royal Society’s Physical Library

In exchange for its Proceedings, the Society has received publications from all parts of the world and has, by this means, assembled an important collection of scientific literature, containing some 20,000 volumes, now housed in the Queensland Museum library. Supplemented by donations from members over more than 100 years, it is a significant scholarly resource and is rich in materials from early settler Australia. The collection policy has been opportunistic rather than systematic, but the collection includes many works that would be difficult to find in print otherwise. Many foreign language publications have been secured. Members are welcome to visit this library and to borrow, by arrangement with the Society’s Honorary Librarian, contactable via Queensland Museum. The public has limited access. An index to the collection is available here.


Corner of Grey & Melbourne Sts, South Brisbane See Map

Queensland Government

Material previously lodged under this heading has been re-located to the Queensland Science Network’s website