Andy Grodecki

Brisbane Knowledge Corridor – Route 66 Project

Brisbane’s Knowledge Corridor was conceived by the Smart State Council in 2007 in their Smart Cities: rethinking the city centre report as a corridor that connects most of Brisbane’s science, arts and cultural precincts and has most recently been presented as part of the rationale in the Inner City South State Secondary College Precinct Selection Report (2018).

The Brisbane Knowledge Corridor – Route 66 project (conceived by member Andy Grodecki) is an opportunity to build on Brisbane’s profile and to embed the notion of the Brisbane Knowledge Corridor as an iconic part of the cultural infrastructure of the city.

The Brisbane Knowledge Corridor – Route 66 Project  aims to help make Brisbane the world’s most visited science-art-culture destination, providing an enduring new cultural institution.

The corridor runs from the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and QUT Kelvin Grove in the north to the University of Queensland in the south. This corridor form parts of the South-East, Eastern and Northern Busways and is serviced by a bus route with the iconic US name of “Route 66” that connects up most of the research and creative institutions in Brisbane.

Many of the institutions along this corridor, along with Brisbane Marketing and Brisbane City Council, are building the reputation of the city as a major destination for providing rich immersive science, arts and cultural experiences.  The Queensland Museum is Australia’s most visited museum and is a major venue for the city and the World Science Festival Brisbane, with a further three years to run, has significantly added to this profile of the city.

Inquirers are encouraged to download the latest concept outline. For more information contact Andy Grodecki, mobile: 04 1136 1044, email .