Guide for Authors

Guide to Authors for PRSQ Volume 129 (2020) and onward

Prof Angela Arthington, Hon Editor of the Society for 2020 and Co-Editor of volume 126, has made two draft papers available as a guide for intending authors of papers for the annual volume of PRSQ – volume 129 – and future volumes, in two formats. One format shows the appearance of a manuscript and the procedure for treating figures. The other shows the article in finished, typeset form. Please note that these papers are drafts that have not been published and should not be downloaded, quoted or cited.

The Guide to Authors outlines style and submission procedure.

Proceedings 126

Individual papers for Proceedings 126.
Author/sKeywordsTitlePublishing Details
Table of Contents
Jennifer L. Silcock et al.hydrogeology, cultural history, ecology, wetland extent, aquifer drawdown, grazing disturbanceOases at the Gates of Hell: Hydrogeology, Cultural History and Ecology of the Mulligan River Springs, Far Western Queensland22/04/2020
Satish C. ChoyGreat Artesian Basin, springs, wetland, shrimp, Caridina thermophila, endemic, endangeredCaridina thermophila, an Enigmatic and Endangered Freshwater Shrimp (Crustacea: Decapoda: Atyidae) in the Great Artesian Basin, Australia22/04/2020
Adam Kerezsyendemic species, Dalhousie, Edgbaston and Elizabeth springs, conservation status, state, national and international legislation, threatened speciesFishes of Australia’s Great Artesian Basin Springs – An Overview22/04/2020
Adam KerezsyEdgbaston goby, bore drains, endangered species, Edgbaston springs, Great Artesian Basin springsThe Distribution of the Endangered Fish Edgbaston Goby, Chlamydogobius squamigenus, and Recommendations for Management22/04/2020
Sara E. Clifford et al.Queensland, Edgbaston, spring, Great Artesian Basin, aquatic invertebrates, pest, invasive speciesDo Cane Toads (Rhinella marina) Impact Desert Spring Ecosystems?22/04/2020
Stephen PeckEulo supergroup, Currawinya National Park, management effectiveness, exclusion fencing, qualitative condition class assessment, quantitative biological assessmentEvaluating the Effectiveness of Fencing to Manage Feral Animal Impacts on High Conservation Value Artesian Spring Wetland Communities of Currawinya National Park01/05/2020
Simon Lewis and Jasmin G. PackerGreat Artesian Basin springs, conservation and management, pastoral lands, Phragmites australis, endangered species Decadal Changes in Phragmites australis Performance in Lake Eyre Supergroup Spring Communities Following Stock Exclusion01/05/2020
Colin HarrisGreat Artesian Basin springs, South Australia, cultural and environmental importance, conservation initiatives, management issues, involvement of Indigenous peopleFive Decades of Watching Mound Springs in South Australia01/05/2020
Simon Lewis and Colin HarrisGreat Artesian Basin springs, risk assessment, conservation and management, pastoral lands, governance frameworkImproving Conservation Outcomes for Great Artesian Basin Springs in South Australia01/05/2020