Stewardship of Queensland’s pastoral zone

Stewardship of Queensland’s pastoral zone

  • What is the duty of care expected of  pastoralists in Queensland’s rangelands and who defines it?
  • To reduce the flow of sediment to the Great Barrier Reef, is tougher regulation – the stick approach – required, or would an incentive payment – the carrot approach – be more effective?
  • If the carrot approach, what justification is there for taxpayers to fund remedial works on private land?
  • Could trade in carbon credits pay for a general incentive payment?
  • Who should deliver the Queensland Government’s announced Land Restoration Fund?
  • Why is the Landcare movement languishing?
  • What can be done about regional youth unemployment now reportedly greater than 60%?


Presentation of proposal for incentive payments

These issues and more are explored in a discussion paper drafted by Dr Geoff Edwards and presented at a forum on 28 May 2018 in Brisbane. The paper outlines a “stewardship incentives scheme” and a policy framework for the Land Restoration Fund announced during the 2017 State election campaign.

The event is co-hosted by NRM Regions, the peak body for the regional natural resource management groups in Queensland.

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Photo courtesy Alan Lauder.

Source materials

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Information Hub and other bibliographies

Mulga lands Information Hub : South West NRM has compiled a comprehensive repository of reports, journal articles, books and other materials about the mulga lands specifically, but much of the material is referable to the pastoral zone generally.

Pasture and paddock management

A theory of carbon stocks and flows: A separate page explains the carbon grazing model of pasture management.

Property rights

Two papers written in 2002 when a vigorous debate was underway over whether graziers should be compensated for regulations preventing clearing of native vegetation. (The Government determined not to pay ‘compensation’ but to allocate funds for structural adjustment for properties rendered unviable):

Institutional Reform in Rural Australia: Defining and Allocating Property Rights – Synapse Consulting

Property Rights and Natural Resource Management – Ian Reeve.

Global reports

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, an initiative of the United Nations,  has released a report on global land degradation. The definition is somewhat broader than deterioration of soil and vegetation in pastoral rangelands, the focus of this page, but conveys and relevant and timely warnings.  The report observes that the “benefits of land restoration often exceed their costs, by far, sometimes by a factor of 10”.